Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Have you try out Eyeko? I know a lot of gals have tried it out as I can see there's lots of reviews on the products. I have come accross these cute cute products while I was browsing in Superdrug last year. Sadly Superdrug no longer carry this brand therefore I don't get to play around with it when I'm there. Well, I suppose it's okay coz I can buy them directly from Eyeko and furthermore they always have some good bargain.

I bought quite a few things from Eyeko- the 3 in 1 cream and the tinted cream. The delivery is really fast. I got my things in 2 days. The 3 in 1 cream is absolutely brilliant. It gives that instant glow that you just love. I will post some photos later for your view. I bought all their fat balm shades too. I love tinted lipbalm but it's a bother to dip my hands in a pot so these babies makes life easier. It's everything in one - cute cute packaging, moisturizing and easy to use.

Recently Eyeko come up with new polish colours. It's so pretty that I can't help it but to get some of these cool colours. It's only £3.50 for 8.5ml. Checkout the colours - Posh Taupe, Tea Rose Pink, Coral Dark Peach, Petite French Nails, Vampira Lustre Black With Ruby Sparkle, Vintage Mint Green, Cosmic Black With Gold Stars, Nude Natural Beige, Indigo Saphire Blue, Lilac Morning Glory, Rain Fantastic Grey and Saucy Scarlet

I got them from Eyeko website. Do get them now coz there's a promotion going on. You get a free bottle of nail polish when you purchase £10 worth of Eyeko products.

For further goodies, remember to enter code E10672 at checkout to get a free gift with your purchase.

Well, that's it for now. I'll post the photos of the Eyeko stuff later. Cheerio ^.^

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