Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I.M.A.T.S London

As promise, I am going to do a little post on the I.M.A.T.S London 2010. It has been great and I'm loving the creativity of the brilliant artists there.

It was held at Alexandra Palace in Wood Green, London. The view there is fantastic. The classic building add a serene charm to the scene.

I was really excited as I walk into the building. I can't wait to check out all the cool make up and accessories.

As soon as I enter, I can see a model being painted on the stage. He's a big

It will take a while for the make up artist to finish painting him for sure. Hmm...very muscular!

The next booth after the stage of the big dude is the MAC booth.

MAC staff is painting a male model as well but he's not as big. He is being painted by a few make up artists. Looks like he's gonna be painted quick. I didn't go back to the booth so didn't get a shot of the finished work.

As I walkabout, there's so much more interesting models. I do think she's in the futuristic design costume painting. Hmm...Princess Leia's buns

Next is my favourite booth coz I can see so many interesting charaters. Here's one of them, Cruela de vil. Ooo la la

Next, The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, my fav in I.M.A.T.S.

Next is the sexy kitten.

I think this model is probably doing a bird theme make up. What do you think?

There's another booth that's really interesting. Check out the heads. Don't they look realistic? Kinda creeps me out.

Remember Nutty Professor?? Here ya go...this is underneath Eddie Murphy.

Wigs anyone?

Lastly, it's the cute gremlin.

Surprisingly, I didn't actually buy much. I got a bottle of Make Up Forever HD Microperfecting Primer in pink and some brushes. I'm loving the primer. When I use it, it gives me that happy healthy glow. I will try to do a review soon on that. At the moment, that's it for now ;)

Monday, 7 June 2010

UK new Era

Hmm...looks like my every month blog entry didn't happened. I'm still trying to get the hang of it. I've seen others who blogs all the time and the topic seems to flow quite easily...but when I log on, I just don't know where to start. Well, anyway, today I'm just gonna say what has happened since I last blog. Gosh...that was months ago.

I've been to IMATS, London Fashion Weekend, witness the new Prime Minister being elected.

IMATS has been very interesting. I must admit, I really don't know what to buy coz I still have a lot to learn about cosmetics. I will do a separate post on this as I have some interesting photos to go with the story ^^

As for London Fashion Weekend, I must say I am not too enthusiastic about it as most of the goods are pretty expensive. Well, most of the stuff there are designers so price tag that says £300 after discount is not surprising, right? Some of the things there are affordable but does not strike any interest for me.

Gordon Brown has finally been defeated after months of speculation that he probably won't make it on the next election. David Cameron has been on the newspaper almost daily before the final showdown. I must say the columns that screams image adverts sure works in his favor. Well, for me, as long as the PM do their job and ensure peace and stability, I'm all for it.

Ahchoo...sneezing madness on the way...summer...aiii