Friday, 16 July 2010

Summer Nails

Summer has been crazy here in the UK. It has been really hot and you can hear the reminder on the radio saying 'bring your bottle of water everywhere you go'. There's even a topic on LBC asking whether we should be reminded to drink water all the time like a child. What do you think? Personally I do think a little bit of reminder is not a bad thing. There's people who died from the heat in London two years ago and some actually fainted while working at their desk. The newspaper even said that if it becomes too hot and there's no way the employer can cool down the work environment, the employees can go home.

Oh well, enough ranting about the heat. I'm gonna show off my summer nails. It's a really simple design but I like it. Just paint any colour you like then put on some cute stickers and then paint it with a clear colour. got yourself some cute nails ^_^

I got the sticker from Claires. Price may varies. I got these for £1 coz it was on sale.


  1. hello Brenda,
    Welcome to blogger! Like you I am polish addict also. I hope you have time to take a look at my blog too. Goodluck!
    Kisses from Germany.
    Ginger is my name.

  2. Pretty nail manicure.