Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Olympia Beauty Show September 2013

If you are a beauty enthusiast like me, you should definitely checkout the Olympia Beauty Show.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

New Creative Hobby - Face Painting

I have learned how to do makeup, a normal everyday makeup but after seeing so many interesting face and body painting at IMATS, I wanted to give face painting a try for a long time but never get around to do it. I have search the net for a class but the only place that does face painting courses is in Paddington and I am not too keen to travel so far. The beginner class cost £99. Quite pricey as well.

Additionally, the classes only runs during the weekdays and that means I have to take a day off to attend the class. So I thought I will continue to search till I find one closer and with reasonable price. I have been talking to one of my best friend about it and she was interested too. I am one lucky gal and I tell you why. She's into most of the things I like to do during my free time so I have a company to attend all the cool classes. After I've my google, I actually found a college near Richmond that runs the course on a Saturday and it was around £40. I quickly message my friend about it but she's got an even better news for me. There's a two hours beginner class that cost only £10. It was run on at a local fabric shop call Fabric Warehouse. I can't believe our luck! So how was the class? It was fabulous coz we have never paint a face or being face painted before so we get a taste of how it's like.

There's two other students there and they have some experience. They already have their own painting kits and does some events but attended the class anyway to see if there's anything new to learn. Tina the tutor told us that she never attended any class and said she learn most of it from YouTube. She is very good at teaching us on the basics and very informative. We are so glad we attended the class. We then order our first face painting kit (Snazaroo) from Amazon. Snazaroo is suppose to be a very good brand for beginners. We have so much fun at home painting our own face and drawing tattoo on our hands.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Getting back to blogging

My goodness. It has been a long long time since I last blog and I thought I'll never come back! Blogging sure is not easy. I salute those who blogs constantly and they seem to have endless topics to talk about. Oh well, I can only try my best I guess. I witness some bloggers who are quite popular stop blogging and switch to Youtube. It's quite a shame really coz I do like reading their blogs. I get to learn a lot of things. I enjoy reading blogs because I get to be there with the blogger, you know, experiencing it through reading, if you get my drift. It is not possible for a person to go to some places or tryout certain things but by reading the experience, you kinda join in the thrill a little. Anyway, it's Friday. Although I do love my Fridays but this weekend I am going to be super busy. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Ciao.