Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Clarins Skin Spa

Aromatic Body Balancer

It has been for a while since I have my massage. I can sense the tension building up and knots on my shoulders. As I was browsing and bargain hunting in Derbenhams, I spotted the offer at Clarins counter. Although I have long since heard about how good Clarins is, never really get a chance to try it out as I have too many beauty products to begin with but a massage sounds like a good idea to kick off. It's £30.00 for the Aromatherapy treatment. Normal price will be £42.00 so I thought why not. I booked the earliest time on Saturday so that I can have the rest of the afternoon off to meet up a friend for lunch.

On Saturday, I am all gear up for my one hour of indulgence. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the Clarins girl and was ask to wait a the small lounge for the beautician. The beautician Lavinnia arrived about 10 mins later. I was then being shown to the beauty room. The room smells nice. Well, it should be, after all the hours and hours spend by beauty junkie being rub with the heavenly scented oil. I then change and wrap in big towels while waiting for the beautician.

After 5 mins, Lavinnia came and I lie down on my front so that she can start the massage on my back. A min later, I can feel warm aromatic oil being pour on my back. It feels so good. Once she started, it's even better. After 1 hour, I can feel the stress and tension on my body melting away drowning in the gorgeous smell of the oil. When she finish with the massage, she then put on some perfume water on the upper body. This is great coz I can feel the refreshing tingling. This is not just for the scent but also to lighten the oil that has been smother on. All in all, I would say, it's absolutely fantastic. The promotion is still on going till end of the month. For those who are in London, try this out.

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  1. when applying some eye cream or just simple lotion in our body I also try to massage the areas were I apply them. This gives me a relaxing feeling.